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Home Support Shaping Your Hat

Shaping Your Original RDB Hat

Go on, bend that brim to suit your whim!

Recycled from old, dead truck tires in Brazil, the thin, heavy wire that runs through the brim of our original Real Deal tarp hats lets you shape your own RDB pretty much any way you please. We've included a few suggestions here.

These proposed styles are meant simply as starting points, however – there's no right or wrong way to wear an original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat!

The more dramatically shaped styles you see here (The Pinch, for instance) require a harder, firmer bend. Slow, steady shaping works best, however, in achieving a more-rounded look (The Woody style, for example); lift the sides of the brim to where you want them to end up, release, and then repeat, repeat, repeat! After a short time, you'll start to notice the desired shape starting to take hold. Patience, young RDB Jedi; gentle force will win out in the end!

The Woody

In honor of our Zombieland movie debut: Rock it, Woody Harrelson style. Roll the sides up gently, over and over again; the form will slowly start to take hold.

The Tex

Bend down the front and roll up the sides for this striking Lone Star State look, podnah.

The Gomer

Feelin' a little goofy? Sharply bend up just the front of the brim, for this head-on Mayberry effect.

The Aussie

Good on ya, mate! Firmly bend both sides upward for a look that shouts Down Under. (The Real Deal Brazil: It's Australian for really cool hat!)

The Pinch

Firmly pinch the brim front and center. Putting your hat on straight couldn't get any easier!

The Flop

Requires no special shaping – wear it just the way it arrived to you!

The Roll

Roll up the sides just slightly, for a style that says you're ready to roll with whatever might come your way.

If you wind up achieving a particularly wicked bend, something unique and new and completely you, then send us a picture already! Got a fabulous name for your new personal style as well? Tell us that, too! Include a note to us with your own name and where you're from, and we'll likely have you Real Deal stylin' on our Facebook page, or even on this very website, in no time!


Hat Sizing

Hat Size Hat Size Fitted Size
X-Small 20 6 3/8
Small 21.5 6 3/4
Medium 22 7
Large 23 7 3/8
X Large 24 7 5/8
XX Large 25 8