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Zombieland 1
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Zombieland 2
Votes: 7

It’s zombie time again! Real Deal Brazil is gearing up and getting excited for the release of Zombieland 2. We were proud to see that the first movie featured our Original Tarp Hat atop Woody Harrelson's head for nearly the entire film. While we are eager to see what hilariously horrifying adventures await the Zombieland crew in their second bout with the undead, we were disappointed the producers went with a softer look for our hero, Tallahassee. It appears that he switched from the rough and ready Real Deal Brazil Original Tarp Hat to a prim and proper felt hat. While that wool headgear may do the trick for kickin’ it in the saloon, there is no way it could stand up to a horde of zombies.

Here at Real Deal Brazil, we take pride in manufacturing some of the toughest hats you can get. Our Original Tarp Hat not only captures the handsome ruggedness of a product built to last- it actually holds up! Unlike the delicate wool hat that is being featured in the new movie, the RDB Tarp Hat is easy to clean, shape, and loves the water! There is no doubt that these recycled tarp hats are the perfect accessory to take into battle against zombies or on an afternoon hike. In fact, many users prefer their hats a little roughed up- it adds character! With that in mind, it is a shame that the Zombieland producers selected a hat that looks nothing like our Original Real Deal Brazil Hat! Clearly, they got it right the first time.

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Hat Sizing

Hat Size Hat Size Fitted Size
X-Small 20 6 3/8
Small 21.5 6 3/4
Medium 22 7
Large 23 7 3/8
X Large 24 7 5/8
XX Large 25 8