Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors

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  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
  • Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors
    Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors

Fabric Hat Bands - Warm & Bright Colors

by The Real Deal: Made In Brazil Item #: EQHBBR In Stock Now: $9.99
Shipping: $6.00

  • NOTE: We regret that we CANNOT take special orders on these bands!

    Canvas tarp is a deeply muted thing. It's got personality for days, sure, but as for flash? Not hardly. The fabric isn't just tough, but tough-looking. Then add in a lifetime of weather assaults and other abuse from that tarp being stretched across a Brazilian cargo truck, and you've got more ruggedness than some people know what to do with. That's exactly why the Real Deal Brazil is not just anybody's hat. You're either drawn to us, or you're not.

    That's also why adding even a hint of color to one of our hats can yield such big results. And adding a small amount of big color can be that much more dramatic still!

    Like a few other of our hat accessories, our Fabric Hat Bands are not made in Brazil; instead, they are imported from a small weaving village in central Ecuador. We carry these bands not only because they look so great on our hats, but also because there's some very fundamental recycling at the heart of them. The battered needle loom used for weaving them was itself reclaimed from scrap, and then refurbished with more scraps still: strands of old wire, a used bicycle chain and sprocket, even a broken child's hairbrush (for de-linting, and removing static from, incoming yarn). Seriously.

    The selections in our Warm & Bright line go from hot reds, oranges and yellows, to vibrant blues and greens, sometimes all in the same band! The tight, richly varied patterns are frequently set against a backdrop of black, causing some colors to pop out even a little more. Many bands also have several strands of shiny silver thread running through them, lending a hint of festival flair, a fitting flourish for a highly crafted item from a country so steeped in Carnival tradition.

    All thread is synthetic, making these bands well-suited for outdoor use. All patterns conclude in a tightly stitched hem followed by several inches of loose yarn, kind of like a horse's tail, adding an understated touch of gaucho to it all. A few thread sets are lightly braided, and all are tied off tight just near the end.

    As with our hats and bags, there is a degree of chance in what you order with these bands. Because our weavers in Ecuador shift patterns and color varieties so frequently, we cannot say from order to order what color or pattern we're going to receive next, or how similar it will even be to what we had in the past. We hope, by keeping the prices low on these bands, that it makes the element of chance a little easier to embrace.

    Viva la difference!


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    We can help! We're pleased to also offer a FedEx guaranteed-shipping option to U.S. and Canadian addresses. To request this option, e-mail us at service@realdealbrazil.com, subject line: Request for FedEx guaranteed shipping. Be sure to include in your note not just your name and shipping address, but also a phone number, so we can contact you either that same business day (if we receive the e-mail early enough), or the next available business day, to arrange for your desired shipping date and complete your order.

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    New Hat Doesn't Quite Fit Ya?

    Did you get surprised by the size of your own head? It happens. So now you've got a hat that's a little too big, or maybe a little too small. No worries; we've got your back! Or your head, anyway...

    Simply send us back your wrong-sized hat (if possible, please use the same envelope it came in; be a pal to all the non-zombie critters of the world), and we'll replace it with one of a larger/smaller size!

    If you aren't able to reuse the original shipping envelope, please be sure to pack the hat you are returning in a mailer that measures at least 20" x 14". Shipping in anything smaller risks distorting the hat's wire brim in transit, and sometimes permanently bending the wire to where the hat cannot again be reshaped, making it no longer wearable.

    Returns should be addressed:

    Real Deal Brazil
    Return for Order # …
    305 Industrial Blvd.
    Greenville, NC 27834

    You'll find your order number included in any correspondence from us (your initial sales confirmation upon placing your online order, for instance, or in our own e-mail confirmation back to you).

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    OOPS! (Returns)

    We stand by our products. If you need to send back an RDB item that has some damage, or are returning it within 60 days of purchase because you've decided it's just not for you, please follow the same steps listed above for returning a hat of the wrong size (except that you obviously don't need to include a check with it!). Items must be new, unused, and resellable to be eligible for return. Also, please understand that shipping fees are non-refundable. All orders to Canada are not subject to Exchange or/and Return.

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    Cancellation Policy

    At Real Deal Brazil, we do our best to process and ship orders quickly. Because of this, there is not always a lot of time between when an order is placed and when it is shipped. Please verify that your order is correct before placing it because once an order has shipped, we are not able to make changes or cancel it. If you need to change or cancel an order that has shipped, you will need to contact us for a return authorization. Customers are responsible for the return/rerouting shipping cost. For more information please see our Return Policy above.

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    All refused Deliveries are treated as a regular return. If you refuse a delivery of any order placed on Real Deal Brazil, the package will be returned to our warehouse. You will receive a refund for the merchandise and tax paid minus the return shipping charges. For more information please see our Return Policy above.

    Please check our return policy page for more information.

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