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Belem Backpack - Blanco Edition


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


Shipping: $10.00


To say the 4500 miles of white sandy beaches in Brazil are legendary would be an understatement. Inspired by these beaches is our Blanco Edition from Real Deal Brazil.

Belem (beh-LEHM) A conventional style backpack, but way beefier, way tougher - and way, way cooler, too! With its wide front-zippered flap, two front pockets and atypical inside divider (of recycled-tarp, of course), the Belem is backwear that won't back down.

Dimensions: 16 inches high x 11.5 inches wide x 9 inches deep

Top Front Pocket: 9.25" W x 6" H

Bottom Left Pocket: 8.125" W x 6.25" H

Bottom Right Pocket: 4.25" W x 6" H

Disclaimer: Each bag may vary in shade than what is pictured online.

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