Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Our Brazil hats just aren't like other hats. They're recycled and rugged, even a bit ragged. And if we do say so ourselves, they're also pretty freakin' righteous.

The reclaimed Brazilian truck tarp at the heart of our hats, having been battered and beaten in its former life by all manner of harsh road and climate conditions across the vast expanses of Brazil, can lead to wide variations in color and overall appearance, sometimes even within the same hat! Fraying of the heavy fabric is common, and likewise holes and stains, with patches of tarp scraps heavily stitched on as needed, though also frequently just for looks. While much more rare, some RDB hats even have bits of Portuguese writing or trucking-company logos stamped upon them in thick black ink.

The singular life of each recycled truck tarp, combined with our hats' handcrafted assembly, means no two Real Deal Brazil hats can ever be alike; when we say each one is one of a kind, we mean it! We can't begin to predict how one hat is going to vary from the next, making it extremely tough for us to honor requests for specific characteristics such as canvas color, patches, holes, stains, fraying, printing, etc. So when you buy one of our recycled, handmade head-toppers, understand that you're buying something with a bit of the unknown stitched right into it, something that's genuinely uncommon and distinctly unique – an increasingly rare commodity in a world garbaged-up by mass-produced, disposable uniformity.

If you're looking for same old, same old, we're simply not it!