Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

Real Deal Brazil’s new tagline inspires you to “Upcycle Your Adventure” with their collection!

5 hat styles, 10 bag options, and 12 accessories make up The Real Deal Collection. Each piece is unique and has been upcycled from retired Brazilian Truck Tarp. Adding Real Deal to your life, adds adventure to your lifestyle.

Greenville, NC – June 7th, 2016 –Real Deal Brazil announces new tagline “Upcycle Your Adventure!” The collection of hats, bags, and accessories is upcycled from retired Brazilian truck tarp. The material started its life, working hard, traveling all over South America protecting cargo. Once its retired from duty, we enlist the canvas tarp to create this unique collection.

Real Deal fans constantly send in the stories and photos of their adventures that were inspired by their Real Deal pieces. The stories range from hiking Mt. Everest, to paddle boarding in a nearby river, to getting their kids ready for school. Knowing that their hat, or bag has already been through tough journeys and impossible conditions reassures them that it can handle all of life’s adventures and that this will be the last hat, last bag, or last accessory they will ever need to purchase.

The Real Deal Brazil is a collection of hats, bags, and accessories upcycled from retired truck canvas tarp. Each piece has been handmade in Brazil, is unique, and has traveled all over South America before it reaches its new owner. The Real Deal is experienced and ready to set out on your everyday adventures.