Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

Real Deal Brazil inspired by fans to attend Outdoor Retailer Summer Market!

Fans send in hundreds of pictures of themselves enjoying the outdoors with their Real Deal hats and bags. The pictures and feedback served as a catalyst for the Real Deal Brazil to make its inaugural appearance at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August.

Greenville, NC – June 3rd, 2016 – The Summer Outdoor Retailer Show (OR Show) is set for the first week in August and The Real Deal Brazil will have a booth for the first time in the company’s 9-year history. “We are listening to our customers. One glance at the pictures people send to our Facebook or Instagram, and it stares you in the face. Our fans find their passion or pastime outdoors.” -Rachel Whitten, Brand Manager for The Real Deal Brazil.

The OR Show boasts that it is the place “where orders are written, new accounts are found, connections are made and brands are launched” (http://www.outdoorretailer.com) Real Deal Brazil is excited to be visible in this space. “We want to expand our distribution so we are everywhere our fans want to see us. Partnering with more outdoor retailers is a natural fit for Real Deal. When you are renting or buying your paddleboards, or hiking equipment for your next adventure, the Real Deal is ready to go with you. If you don’t need to wear a helmet, you should be wearing one of our hats.”

The Real Deal Brazil is a collection of hats, bags, and accessories upcycled from retired truck canvas tarp. Each piece has been handmade in Brazil, is unique, and has traveled all over South America before it reaches its new owner. The Real Deal is experienced and ready to set out on your everyday adventures.