Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

Real Deal Adventures start as every good story starts, with a great hat!

The Real Deal Brazil is 9 years old and started with one great hat handmade in Brazil from retired truck canvas tarp. The Collection has grown to include 27 items including 7 that are new in 2016.

Greenville, NC - May 4th, 2016 – 2007 was the year the Real Deal Brazil’s founder came back to the states with one hat, the Original Tarp Hat, and a vision of bringing an upcycled hat with history into his portfolio. Less than a year later, in February of 2008, the collection grew to include bags. On the brink of the company’s 10-year anniversary the collection has grown again to include the new 2016 items. Making the total collection 5 hat styles, 10 bag options, and 12 accessories.

When you think of Dr. Jones from the ‘Indian Jones’ tales, Captain Jack Sparrow from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, or the whole journey Mickey has in ‘Fantasia’ it stands out that these epic adventures all started with a great hat! The Real Deal Brazil story is no different. “When I saw that first hat it grabbed me immediately. A lightbulb exploded. What a super idea, something totally different. The ingenuity of the Brazilians, is many times necessary to survive or prosper, proves one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Where we would discard the ugly duckling the Brazilians produced a swan. The natural growth of the collection is and will always be captained by the Original hat. It is where the magic started” – Walter Perkins Jr, Founder of The Real Deal Brazil.

The Real Deal Brazil is a collection of hats, bags, and accessories upcycled from retired truck canvas tarp. Each piece has been handmade in Brazil, is unique, and has traveled all over South America before it reaches its new owner. The Real Deal is experienced and ready to set out on your everyday adventures.