Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Fishing with the Real Deal Brazil Recycled Tarp Hat

You don't have to cast out far online to snag one of the many big-fish magazines that have sung our praises, from Reader's Digest to Boating and even Tattoo. A pretty wide net of reviews, you have to admit...

And man did we ever land a nice one this time!
On July 21, 2010, our uncanny comfy hat was profiled in a popular blog on the Field & Stream magazine site. And how'd we fare?

"I would sooner wear this hat made well by a small company with a unique idea," says Field & Stream blogger and fishing guru Joe Cermele, "than just stroll into Wally World and buy a Gilligan hat..."

Aye-aye, skipper!

Which is to say thanks, Joe. We're honored as all get-out!

  • Real Deal Brazil: Recycled Tarp Hat

    Brett Lorenzen of Des Moines, IA, in Wisconsin

  • Recycled Tarp Hat

    Don Colyer of Spanaway, WA, with rainbow trout, Tanawax Lake, WA

  • Fishing Hat: Real Deal Brazil

    Joe Swensen of Boulder, CO, off Long Island, NY

  • tough recycled tarp hat

    Justin Erickson of Eatonville, WA, with coho from Riffe Lake, WA

  • Outdoor Wear Hat

    Justin Erickson of Eatonville, WA, on Riffe Lake, WA

  • Real Deal Brazil

    Richard Arnold of Millersville, AL, with baracuda, coast of Belize

  • Recycled Tarp Hat: Real Deal Brazil

    Rob Scott of Arlington, TX, trout fishing in McLeod, MT

  • RDB: Recycled Tarp Hat

    Ron Walker of Eugene, OR, the Rogue River, Gold Beach, OR

  • Real Deal Brazil

    Steven Barnes of Houston at Cross Lake in Shreveport, LA

  • Tarp Hat

    Zach Swensen of Boulder, CO, off Long Island, NY