Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Bauru (baw-ROO) · No frills functionality, plus that same rough-and-tumble look and feel you've come to expect from the Real Deal Brazil.

Our Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet is the primo back-pocket companion for the intrepid adventurer, ready to tackle whatever even the very backside of life can dish out! This tough heavy-canvas billfold, handcrafted rugged from recycled cargo-truck tarps in Brazil, is overflowing with bring-it-on attitude, regardless of whether it's always overflowing with cash as well.

With four slots for all those cards you carry, plus a center sleeve for an ID or small photo, the Real Deal Brazil Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet sports a streamlined style that says: I got just what I need, now get out of my way and lemme get where I'm going. I've got some serious living to do, bub!

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Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet dimensions, when folded: 3.25 inches × 4.5 inches, and 0.25 inches deep