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Rio Sling

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The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Inspired by the beautiful bodies on Brazil's famous beaches, where sexy is the standard and less clothing amounts to so much more, our Rio Sling is a personal pouch for your essentials, plus a separate cell-phone pocket, that wraps around your midriff like a belt. But cocked low to one side, it's even more a heated dare to the drab-weary world not to jump back and take notice.

Our Rio Sling is, however, far more than just Rio-inspired — it's the very fabric of Brazil itself, literally. Cut from recycled tarps that once covered the beds of Brazilian cargo trucks, and hand-sewn in a tiny town down along the equator, where heat is anything but optional, our Rio Sling is rugged, ragged, jagged, faded, spotted, tattered, patched and torn.

It's also about as Earth-friendly as your own sweat, inherently asserting toughness like a loaded hip holster, bang, bang, shoot, shoot, hot, hot, hot!