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Laptop Insert


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Upgrade your Real Deal Brazil Iguape Messenger Bag into the very coolest of laptop totes!

Our ultra-functional Padded Laptop Insert is one of few items we offer that's made in the U.S.A., stitched from exceptional stain-resistant fabric recycled from our sister hammock-making business. The fabric itself sandwiches a thin layer of polyester fiberfill batting, for extra buffering.

Note that our use of recycled fabrics means we are unable to offer color choices with this product. All inserts are, however, lockstitched from gender-neutral fabrics in solids or handsome striped patterns.

The Padded Laptop Insert will accommodate up to a 15.4" LCD laptop; however, flipping the insert inside-out will actually reduce the overall pocket width, making it perfect then for a 14.1" LCD laptop.

We've heard from several customers that folding the insert in half also makes it ideal for holding an iPad in one side and a wireless keyboard in the other!

Our Padded Laptop insert is designed to go with the Real Deal Brazil Iguape Messenger Bag. Please note that the color and pattern for your own Padded Laptop Insert may be different than that pictured here.