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Beer Cap Hat Band - Brazilian Beer


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Ah, sweet Brazil, where the weather is hot, hot, hot, and the women hotter still, and damn could I ever use a cold one right about now …

Uma cerveja, por favor!

For those Real Deal Brazil fans thirsty for a tasty extra shot of the sultry tropics, our small line of beer-cap hat bands includes this crafty, exotic brew-tastic accessory handmade in bustling São Paolo from used beer-bottle caps collected at nightspots there.

Bohemia, Nova Schin, Brahma, Devassa, Antarctica and Skol are among the popular Brazilian beers you'll find most represented. However, you might also recognize a couple of international brands — Heineken and Stella Artois, for example — though everything on these hat bands comes from brews that are bottled, and then imbibed, in Brazil.

As with our signature recycled-tarp products, no two of our Brazilian Beer Cap Hat Bands are ever alike, hand-assembled using the recycled Brazilian beer tops available at that moment.

All caps are double-punched for smooth assembly, but not glued, making these hat bands slightly more flexible than our Made in U.S.A. beer-cap accessories; simply flip all the caps forward before tying the Brazilian Beer Cap Hat Band onto the back of your hat.

So cheers, to your own good taste! Or, as they'd say it in Brazil: Saúde!

We also offer Beer Cap Hat Bands including mostly big-name American brews, plus Craft Beer Cap Hat Bands, featuring small-batch American brews and less-common imports.

Hat bands do not include RDB hat with purchase.