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Cuba Libre

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The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Meet the new El Jefe of headwear, una revolución in hat style! The Cuba Libre.

Named for the trendy mixed drink pairing potent Caribbean rum with good ol' American Coca-Cola, plus an essential splash o' lime juice, our tasty new hat brings to mind the signature straight-topped military cap of a certain notoriously bearded, cigar-chomping, former-rebel Cuban leader whose headwear choice is destined to go down in history far more positively than his decades of coup-launched autocratic domination over his island home.

As with the now-ex Presidente's signature head-topper, the brim of our Cuba Libre is wider than that of a standard ball cap. But from there, we start adding our own Coca-Cola to the Caribbean mix: Unlike the iconic Cuban military hat, our Cuba Libre's brim is slightly narrow, and more rounded than it is square, while our hat's high crown, rather than being flat and rigid up-top, is looser and a bit curved, for a more relaxed fit.

And let's not forget that essential splash of lime, which makes the Cuba Libre a Cuba Libre: Our hat is not machine-made of military-green fitted-cotton, but rather is handmade from road-tough recycled Brazilian truck tarps, complete with patches, frays, stitching quirks and color variations. Zesty!

Because while a dictator may have inspired our Cuba Libra hat, wearing it should never feel as though a dictator designed it!

In keeping with our original wide-brimmed Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat, and our brimless Pretty Ugly Hat, our Cuba Libre includes our characteristic frayed canvas band at the base of its crown, plus two ventilating metal grommets along each side.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large and 2XL sizes, the Cuba Libre includes a convenient Velcro fastener in the back, for fine-adjusting the fit.

The Real Deal Brazil, and our muy fresco Cuba Libre: Freeing your own rebel head to be muy happy!