Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Olinda Tote

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The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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1 Pretty Ugly Hat + 1 Olinda Tote = how pretty gears up for a good time out on the town!

If you think the Real Deal Brazil is just some macho-fied boy brand for redneck-and-proud bubbas with big belt buckles and bass boats, well, think again. This flossy little hat-and-purse combo says stuff it, Mr. Hemi V8 With the Gun Rack and Trucker Girl Mudflaps!

Cuz sometimes a gal just wants to kick it up a dozen notches, and go all grrrl on everything. To be all oh-no-the-hell-you-di'int and boots-up-to-here and smart and fun and funny and style-defiant.

Sometimes a sister's just gotta make it clear: What you see here is as Real Deal, mister, as you ain't ever likely to get!