Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Olinda Tote & Floppy Hat Combo

Item No: 99CBO-TRD8

The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


Shipping: : $10.00


1 Floppy Travel Hat + 1 Olinda Tote = how pretty gears up for a good time out on the town!

Anybody that thinks Real Deal Brazil is just for macho, truck driving, Hemi-loving, big belt buckle wearing bubbas is woefully mistaken. This Floppy Hat and Olinda Tote combo says that you're ready to kick it up a notch, show off your style, and defy conventions of what you're supposed to do.

So to all the guys out there, let's get one thing clear: You're not ready for this level of Real Deal!