Tarp Hats - The Real Deal: Made in Brazil

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Belem Backpack & Original Hat Combo

Item No: 99CBO-TRD4

The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


Shipping: : $10.00


1 Belem Backpack + 1 Original Real Deal Tarp Hat = the gear you need to get your rockin' ramble on.

Ready, set … hike! We're here to help get you all packed-up and happily hoofing it down your own personal path, be that meandering over gently rolling Carolina hills or venturing into deep, dark Bavarian woods. Striding atop spirit-lifting red-rock vistas or striking out across Mordor-like badlands. Ambling barefoot at water's edge along pristine distant beaches with no footprints save your own, or pushing down sardine-packed streets of wild revelers in body paint and beads.

Or maybe just dragging your hungover butt across campus, late for your 9 a.m. statistics class …

And with that original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat perched proudly atop your head, you, good adventurer, look every bit as cool as that wild and wooly life you're livin'!