Paracord Blazin' Orange Hat Band


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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Your tarp hat is already pretty eye-catching. But, what if it could be more eye-catching? Like, walking down the street and people turn to look eye-catching? Don't believe us? Put on a Blazin' Orange Paracord Hat Band and you'll have people tripping over their own feet as they turn to check out your stylish hat. Why?

Can't you see that color? It's amazing!

Each hat band is hand-woven with 22 ft. of military-grade 550 paracord by weavers in Ecuador, making them just as durable as the tarp hat they adorn. The back of each hat band also features an adjustable strap to assure a snug fit for any size tarp hat.

So it's not only stylish and attention grabbing, but it's also as tough and durable as your Real Deal Brazil hat. What's not to love?