Medium Floppy Travel Hat


The Real Deal: Made In Brazil


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When we first got our hands on this new Real Deal, we didn't know what to think. It was an adorable sun hat on some, and rough and tumble rambler on others. But how the ?^#! could it possibly be both?! Meet the newest Real Deal... the Floppy Travel Hat. It's pretty, all right, except that it's also, you know, kind of ugly. It's both at the same time, though sometimes one or the other, and sometimes neither at all. What we know for sure is that this floppy brimmed, go-anywhere, do-anything, to-heck-with-it hat is a must-have for a Real Dealer on the go. Stuff it in your pocket, chuck it in your bag, throw it on the floor and stomp on it. With no wire brim, it won't get bent out of shape, and you'll stay cool knowing that your hat is whatever you want it to be. Like our classic Real Deal Brazil, the Floppy Travel Hat is handmade in rural Brazil from recycled truck tarps, meaning it carries the same distinctive markings, patches, stains and frays as our celebrated original. It's pretty, it's ugly, it's the pretty ugly Floppy Travel Hat and it's all Real Deal.